Time is something extremely valuable and slippery, and once you lose it, it never comes back, nothing and nobody can defeat time and it can be a friend or an enemy, it depends of what we do with it.


We always are struggling to do all we have to do in the limited amount of time available, and frequently we fail, causing a lot of problems that we seriously need to avoid, that is extremely stressing and frustrating|, but there are some tips that can help us to achieve our goals.


Six tips to do everything on time


1- Define what you need/want to do, set realistic goals to be done in realistic periods of time, organize your task according to their importance and urgency, do first urgent and important task, then the important ones (don’t let them become into urgent), then  the urgent but not important and finally those that are neither urgent or important, determine which task must be done not matter what, if you can’t do all you have planned for the day, at least do those.


2- Determine how you waste time and do something about it, identify and make a list of those activities that consume a lot of your productive time and try to solve it, for example, if you waste too much time looking for your keys, create a place to keep them near always, make a menu for the week, keep everything organized so you can find everything you whatever you need easily and quickly, if there is some activity that waste a lot of time like watching tv for example, schedule it, so you can do everything, your duty and recreation too.


3- Avoid distractions, once you have started to work in one task of the list concentrate, and really avoid all distractions, turn of the TV if you’re tempted to see what’s happening in your favorite TV show, schedule a repetition instead, work using headphones, even if you´re not listening anything, people tend to disturb you less if you are using them.


4- Social media is a great time waster, don´t be online always, save some time to read and answer your emails, check facebook, etc. silence the notifications of groups and be online only for a while once you have finished one or several tasks before you start the next one and then disconnect again.


5- Do all similar tasks together, that will save resources and time, try to do the most unpleasant task first, that usually take more time, once you have done it the next is easier.


6- Learn to say NO, a big no, you have to learn to refuse requests from people, if you say yes to every favor others ask, you will overload your schedule and will occupy the time you have assigned to an important task.


7- wake up one hour earlier, that will help you a lot.

— August 2, 2018